by Rachel Dickson

by Rachel Dickson.

Where’s my Jim? by Rachel Dickson

We are mindless consumers; consumed with material items and ourselves. 

by Rachel Dickson

Artist Statement:

To me this was about a personal issue and I wanted people to relate to me on a different level. The red yarn signifies an issue that may be in the way of a relationship or bond with another person, whether it’s a wall someone has built or an issue with trust, it is learning to let someone see that fault of yourself and then is willing to work through it with you. I wanted to embody that relationships aren’t all about your external existence; they should have substance and emotional connection. This was the best way I could sum up an emotionally connected relationship without relying on the external appearance that relationships tend to have. A relationship should be an investment in each other and I haven’t learned to do that quite yet.

by Rachel Dickson